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  •  Do you get our marriage license? 

A: No. I cannot make an appointment for you at the county register nor obtain a license on your behalf. To avoid going to the county's office, you need to contact a notary specially authorized by the county registry to issue licenses. Otherwise, you need to apply for your license online at, if you live in Los Angeles County, and pick up your license in person with a photo ID. You can follow the same process in the different counties throughout California; Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County, etc.

  • Will you meet with the couple previous to the ceremony to discuss ideas and answer questions?

A: Yes. My services include a meeting in person or online, to meet and discuss all the wedding service related issues. 

  •   Do your services include attendance to the rehearsal?


A: Yes, I am available to attend your rehearsal dinner or party for an extra fee. If you don’t have a rehearsal event, I will meet up with you prior to the wedding to discuss the final details of your ceremony, unless otherwise decided.


  •   Will the couple have a choice of wedding ceremony content and vows?


A: Yes, my services are personalized so I can write the ceremony especially for you or I can also provide assistance in writing vows and structuring your service. If you have a very clear idea of what you want, I will just officiate your wedding; but, if you need help with the ceremony itself, ideas on what to do or with writing your vows, I will do that for you as well.


  •   Do you provide ceremony ideas, customs, readings, ceremony samples, etc.?


A: Yes, I will provide you with samples for your ceremony, ideas on what you can add or remove, samples of vows, readings and all the elements you need to have a great ceremony.


  •   Will you stick to the agreed upon ceremony content and wording or do you improvise some of the


A: Yes. I will give you via e-mail a copy of the service draft for your approval. After final approval, I will print it and take it to the wedding day.


  •   Does the couple have a say as to what you will wear to the wedding?


A: Yes. I usually wear a black (pant or skirt) suit but, I have been asked to be barefoot and to wear a tan or off white dress for beach weddings or to wear a color shirt to match the wedding colors. I will discuss with you your preferences, since it is my purpose to help you have a great wedding and I understand pictures are a big part of it.


  •   Upon booking, do you have the pertinent details in writing?


A: Yes. There will be a contract signed by the couple and myself.​ ​

  •   Do you offer extra services like wedding coordination, party planning, etc.?


A: No. My main expertise is to marry couples. However, I love weddings and I have helped to plan a lot of them for friends and relatives, so I am open to assist in any way I can; I also have vendors I can refer you to, if you need professionals to help you organize your big day. 




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