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Thank you card
Erika Uriarte

Wedding Date: 05/24/2019

There are not enough words to express our gratitude to Maria! She was such an Important part of our wedding ceremony, we had a vision of what we wanted and she made it happen! Forever thankful for all her help, time, details and advice!

Janice Mahal

Wedding Date: March 7, 2015

I got married on March 7, 2015 at UCLA. I found Maria through and from the very beginning i wasn't exactly the easiest "straightforward" bride as I live in Boston but had my wedding in LA. From the very start, Maria was extremely responsive, accommodating, and worked around my schedule to make sure we connected during my one and only trip to LA before my wedding. She remained extremely sweet and helpful throughout the entire process! We communicated mainly via email as it made things easier due to the 3-hour time difference. But Maria was always open to talking on the phone or skyping too---I just prefer email and she was totally okay with that! She sent me regular check-ins as we got closer to the date and even sent me sample vows, which were extremely helpful. She also gave me ideas on how to incorporate our mothers in the ceremony which turned out beautiful! She was even open to sharing the ceremony with me and had me okay it before the wedding to make sure I liked it! I couldn't have asked for more! From the moment I contacted her up until the wedding day, Maria remained just as sweet, helpful and accommodating.

Rehearsal: Maria attended the rehearsal to do a run through of the ceremony the day before the wedding. To my surprise (and perhaps hers---but she was too sweet to say) that day revealed how little I had actually planned out the little intricacies of the wedding day!! I didn't have a wedding planner and had only taken one trip to LA before the wedding, so I was too busy mingling with family and friends that I didn't realize I'd overlooked so many details of the wedding. In a moment of panic, Maria stepped in and helped me organize the entire ceremony and helped me figure out where everyone would go, what we would all do, and how we would make my day simple and beautiful! And indeed it was. I can't thank her enough for helping me organize myself during rehearsal--it could have been a disaster otherwise.

Wedding day: with nerves running high and everyone running around everywhere, I was confident that Maria would put me at ease and indeed she did. The ceremony ran as smooth as it could have and she delivered such a beautiful ceremony! She made mine bilingual (Spanish and English) and both sides of my family absolutely loved it! Her delivery and passion allowed my husband and I to feel like we were the only 2 standing there. It was absolutely perfect! I am so grateful I chose Maria and can't recommend her enough. The words that stand out when I think of my experience with her are patient, kind, accommodating, and excellent!

Thanks again, Maria for helping make my wedding day perfect!

Bride, Janice Mahal

Tannya Hilario


Wedding Date: 05/20/2017

Maria was absolutely professional when it came down to officiating for our wedding. When my husband and I first met with Maria, she asked many questions about our relationship and how my husband and I met. She asked how we envisioned our wedding day and what we wanted to include for our special day. When we got stuck on certain things, she would provide us with ideas which was super helpful. She knew exactly how to put our ceremony together. Before our big day, she made sure to provide us with a copy of what our ceremony would be like word for word ahead of time. She was sweet and kind and we loved the turnout of our ceremony. Guests at our wedding even enjoyed hearing her voice :) I would definitely recommend her to others. Thank you Maria for making our ceremony so special!

Libertad Garcia

Wedding Date: 11/25/2016

​Maria was the officiant at our 20th wedding ceremony this past weekend. We had a bilingual ceremony and she did an awesome job. Leading to the wedding day, Maria was able to work with us giving us ideas of what to do for a 20th anniversary and how to include our children. She was also willing to work with our timeline (that changed a couple of times). Thanks Maria!

Kenia Gonzalez

Wedding Date: 12/11/2016​

Maria was absolutely amazing such a beautiful personality, she went above and beyond. Our ceremony was beautiful, we are so grateful we found her on wedding wire. She was available through text, and calls and always reassured us about the whole process of the ceremony and everything. She answered any questions we had, I couldn't have picked someone as good as her!

Marisa Schmell

Wedding Date: 10/31/2015

​We wanted to marry in California but we actually live out of the country. We got in contact to Maria and she skyped with us about the officiant service but at the end she actually helped us with everything!!She had a lot of contacts with providers and she solved almost everything for us. We can only recommend her. As officiant she did our dreams ceremony. It was wonderful! She speaks bilingual Spanish and since my family come from Spain she translated the important parts of the ceremony and also printed out the whole service for my family and guest. She did a great job, very professional and a lovely person. We were very lucky to met you. Thank you Maria, you were the soul of our wedding.

Yen Chao

Wedding Date: 10/24/2015

We had Maria be our officiant on our big day, she's very professional and also deliver best quality service!

As our request, to make the vows short and touchy to fit our tight schedule, she was able to make it and make my wedding unforgettable.

Thanks Maria to be the officiant of our big day! Highly Recommend!


Soizic Pelladeau Harari

Wedding Date: 08/15/2015

We asked Maria to marry us about a week before the wedding due to unexpected circumstances, but she was very responsive and flexible so we knew we could count on her immediately. Maria helped us a lot drafting the ceremony and followed all of our wishes.

We were able to have the interfaith wedding we dreamed for, tailored for us! 

Thank you so much Maria!

Brenda Tapia

Wedding Date: 08/15/2015

After looking and meeting with different officiants for my wedding I was lucky enough to come across Maria...The first time I talked to her I remember saying this is the person I want as my wedding officiant and not only bc of her reasonable prices but bc of the good impression I got from her that day..She deft made our wedding ceremony extra special, we loved her professionalism and how everything was so detailed...

I highly recommend her! She has a beautiful way of putting your love story out there and make it touch people's heart...

Nikolay Chitchyan

Wedding Date: 10/04/2015

We got married 2 weeks ago at Inn of the Seventh Ray... Maria contributed to our wedding ceremony tremendously with an eloquent speech and professional presence! My wife and I were both truly happy to have her officiate our wedding. Highly would recommend her services for any form of occasion! Thank you Maria, the words you have spoken will stay with us forever!


Thank you card
Priscilla Perez

Wedding Date: 10/20/2018

Maria was everything we were looking for. We were looking for someone who was Bi-lingual (english/spanish) and she spoke both languages fluently. I've been to some weddings where the officiant was "bi-lingual" but butchered the language they claimed they were bilingual, lol. So it was a huge plus hearing her speak Spanish so effortlessly. Another huge deal was the fact that she marries interfaith couples. Neither my Husband or I wanted to change or convert to each other's religion and also felt like we didn't need to in order to get married. We both believe in God and that's all that mattered to us. Maria was the best fit overall and she was kind, helpful with helping us figure out whether we wanted to do our own vows or stick traditional and was ready for whatever we came to her with. She really is the best at what she does and we will forever recommend her to anyone that's deciding to get married. Glad we chose her to be part of our big day!

Jessica Posada

Wedding Date: 04/20/2019


Maria was a godsend. We wanted an intimate ceremony, fully in Spanish, and she delivered beyond our expectations. After a couple of calls with her, she wrote a beautiful and personal ceremony for us. She had great suggestions on how to make our ceremony extra special. Our parents greatly appreciated her suggestion to give them each a rose. It was a beautiful part of the ceremony. Everyone at the wedding loved her and commented on how beautiful her words were. I have already recommended her to family members with upcoming weddings. 


Thank you, Maria! 

Our day was extra special because of you.

Gabriela Valdez

Wedding Date: 11/01/2018

Maria was just wonderful. Communication was great and her words and service were put together beautifully and I wouldn't of had it any other way.  Thank you Maria!

Mario Cuevas

​Wedding Date: 04/20/2018

Maria was very helpful putting together an appropriate ceremony for my wife and me. She was there to assist during the rehearsal and performed the ceremony beautifully.

Elizabeth Alfaro

Wedding Date: 11/18/2018

Maria is an amazing officiant. She took time to really listen to our story. Our wedding ceremony was lovely, personal and ended with a prayer. Our guest really liked her and thought she was wonderful. We were very pleased to have her marry us! Thank you, Maria!

Alejandra Villeda

Wedding Date: 07/01/2017


Maria was awesome in helping my husband and I in the preparation process and on our wedding day. Her words were so meaningful to us both and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. We highly recommend Maria when couples are looking for a professional, experienced and genuinely kind officiant.

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